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Take-Away and Orders

You’d like to dine at home with scrumptious specialities from the Sehnsuchtskueche? Perhaps some cordon bleu or other delicacies?

Just purchase your favourite dish directly in the restaurant or if purchasing larger quantities, simply place an order per telephone. Takeaway dishes and prices are listed in the following chart:


Spelt Schupfnudeln 250 g 2,00€
Mustard-Caper Sauce 250 ml 2,00€
Spelt Gravy, dark 250 ml 1,80€
Coconut Mango Sauce 250 ml 2,00€
Soy Cream Sauce 250 ml 2,00€
Potato Salad 100 g 0,80€
Carrot Salad 100 g 0,80€
Red Beet Salad 100 g 0,80€
Seasonal Salad 100 g 0,80€
Veggie Bleu, coated with bread crumbs 100 g 2,50€
Seitan, coated with bread crumbs 100 g 2,00€
Seitan Stroganoff, cut in strips with sauce 100 g 1,90€

Product Information

Our seitan (vegan wheat meat) has been completely cooked and thus can be quickly prepared and used in all kinds of ways.

Its texture is very “meaty” but remains juicy and firm at the same time and has a tangy flavour. Hence, seitan is a superb alternative for meat in all kinds of recipes. The high percentage of protein (approx. 20%) and the low fat content provide the body with strength, stamina and vitality without weighing one down.

Fresh seitan must be kept in the refrigerator and should be used within four days. It can also be placed in the freezer for longer storage. Since it contains no animal protein, there is no danger of salmonella forming.

Nowadays, seitan can be found in healthy, balanced natural food diets, in exclusive restaurants and in the wellness area. With its meat like texture and its excellent nutritional profile, it’s destined to enhance many a persons menu in the future.


"Where one hunter lives,
ten herdsmen, one hundred tillers and
one thousand gardeners could live."
Alexander von Humboldt